Customer Stories

Jordan Sims

Marketing director,Dallas

I recently received the Inkology tattoo removal cream as part of a birthday gift but I was low-key afraid to try it since my skin is so easily sensitized. It's been sitting on my bathroom vanity for about a month & since my skin has been on its best behavior I decided to finally give it a try last night & I am SHOOK! Why did I wait so long to try this magical product??? I followed the directions & applied a small amount to my dampened skin, gently massaging it in for about a minute (maybe less, I didn't want to overdo it).

Harry Alvara

US Marine, Florida

This stuff is truly the best face tattoo removal cream I have tried. It’s so gentle, yet effective. My skin feels tighter even after a couple months of use, without drying it out (and my skin tends to be very dry). Best of all its been 11 months and my nasty ex-girlfriends name has nearly gone from the top of my arm.




Kate Fowler

Teacher, London

I have been using Inkology tattoo removal cream roughly 7x a week, for about 5 months. I actually scored this product on a deal the website was having - buy one product. Thank goodness I did! In the beginning I'll admit I didn't notice much change; however, with persistence, I have started to see my tattoo tone reduce tremendously! I will definitely continue to use this product in my daily beauty routine! I'm now onto tattoo no 3 I want to be removed.


Nathan Adams

Sales manager, VEGAS

Had a homemade tattoo done at school when I was 14 I started having laser treatment; however it got too expensive, plus it was quite painful and left some small marks behind, so I thought I'd try out this cream to treat the rest disappearing tattoo. It worked an absolute treat! Only had to use the cream for three months and now you can not even see the tattoo, just slightly gutted I did not come across this cream before I wasted so much money on laser, plus the cream was not painful and certainly no scars or marks behind as laser treatment.

Gloria Spencer

Singe Mum, Austin

I have sensitive skin and have allergic reactions to many creams, so I was a bit dubious about using this cream, but I've done a skin test as advised, and after realizing it was all right I have continued to use the cream, and my skin not once had a reaction to the cream, and I'm still using now, is taking a long process, but I've been using the cream for nine months, however, my tattoo What covers half of the back.

Kate Fowler

Sales manager, Safari Home

WOW! I had several large tattoos, so I bought two supplies six months, and two of them I've gone !!! And the rest can just see the outline of them! GREAT PRODUCT !! No, I can not believe that many people have heard of this cream before!

Jordan Sims

Founder, Peach Agency

It has a creamy texture with a very mild cold feel so I experienced no burning, redness, or irritation (either during or afterward). Immediately my skin felt velvety smooth & softer than a bunny's tail but the true results were revealed to me 5 months later as my tattoo appeared to fade, less luminous, & even less toned then it's ever been. This Cream does work just try it if your not happy you can apply for a refund.